Monday, August 24, 2009

Drew Lachey Trades Dancing Shoes For Nikes As He Takes On A Scrub & A Golden Glove@ Los Angeles 3 On 3 Celebrity Basketball Tournament


Drew Lachey Drew Lachey Drew Lachey Drew Lachey
Former boy band member and Dancing With The Stars contestant Drew Lachey, AKA Nick's bro, got his game on with other celebs at one of today's 3 on 3 celebrity tournaments. Hosted by The Lakers and LiveNation in downtown LA. The game got pretty intense as all the guys were highly competitive. Drew's first game went sour, as his team lost, and he clearly is not a gracious loser. I clearly saw him mouth the F word as the buzzer went off.

The winning points went to the team of Scrubs actor, Donald Faison. Who was also pretty intense as the game went on. Often making faces, yanking his shorts and bumping into other players. His other famous team mates included former championship boxer, Sugar Shane Mosley.
Drew Lachey