Monday, June 23, 2008

Drew Lachey Sighting

This is not mine...Just a cute Blog I found on the Internet
It was a pretty good movie (a tiny bit slow...but I LOVED what it was about) and I really liked the made both Sarah and I drool...pretty hot! Anyway, we were walking along and we had another "star sighting!" Yup....guess who it was this week? Drew Lachey!
He was walking down 9th Avenue and we approached him on the corner of 43rd Street. It was funny because he was standing on the corner with his wife and another lady and he was holding his little girl. They were looking around as if they were confused or lost or something....he looked me right in the eye as I was hitting Sarah's arm and I could tell that he was thinking, "Oh, No...this girl just realized who I am." He seemed really cool and relaxed...they strolled up the block and went into the a little park to play on the swings.