Sunday, October 7, 2007

NAACP Voter Education Guide: Taxing Stock Options?

NAACP Voter Education Guide: Taxing Stock Options?
Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

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This weekend, The Cincinnati Beacon’s Print Edition of the NAACP Voter Education Guide will hit newsstands. (And yes, we will post an updated list of locations.) I encourage everyone to get a hard-copy of the guide to get a nice profile of several candidates based on the NAACP questionnaire. We decided to compliment this with a web version that compares candidates by question. So for today, we begin with the following inquiry and all responses gathered:

Do you believe that the city should tax stock-options of companies for the purpose of generating revenue for the City? Please explain.

Justin Jeffre (Green):

Cincinnati needs to tax stock options to reverse the current bad habit of giving hand-outs to the favored few corporations on the backs of the working class and the poor. If company executives threaten to leave the City, they do so facing long commutes with the rising price of gas. The needs of the whole City should go before the needs of a few executives.