Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Drew Lachey reflects on past fame, future direction

By Sheree Paolello

CINCINNATI —Fame hasn't gone to Drew Lachey's head

The Cincinnati native is preparing for the reunion of the pop group 98 Degrees, in which he performed with his brother and two classmates from the School for the Creative and Performing Arts.
Drew and Nick Lachey grew up in College Hill and started performing in school plays as children.
But Drew gave up on his singing dreams as a senior and joined the Army, where he served as a medic until receiving a call from his brother.
"He said, 'One of our guys just quit, and Justin (Jaffre) suggested you,'" Drew Lachey said.
Drew drove across the country and started rehearsing with the group that became 98 Degrees.
"I drove from New York to (Los Angeles), learned my harmony parts on the way out and two days after I got there, we opened for Montel Jordan at the House of Blues," Drew Lachey said.
After the group stopped performing after 2000's Revelation album, Drew Lachey married his high school sweetheart and moved back home.
They now have two children together, and Drew teaches three days a week at SCPA. He also started the Lachey Arts Camp.
"For me to be able to give that opportunity to other young performers, to me is what I should be doing," he said.
Now, at age 36, Drew and his former bandmates are reuniting for a new album and a summertime tour.

"If the tour didn't sell, which luckily it has sold very well, and we don't have to worry about that, but you can only control what you can control," Lachey said.
The group will perform with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men on the 47-date tour.
"We're talking about continuing on just ourselves and stretching into the fall and then, who knows" Lachey said.

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