Thursday, May 30, 2013

98 Degrees play acoustic version of 'Because of You' (Video)

98 Degrees played an acoustic version of their hit “Because of You” at the Billboard studio earlier this month.
According to Billboard the boy band reunited last summer to perform at the Mixtape Festival in Hershey, Pa., and then went to the studio to record their album 2.0, released on May 7.
“The essence of us as a group, it’s the same. We still love to sing together. We still get in the studio and do what we do best, and that’s perform,” Nick Lachey said in an interview with Billboard.
98 Degrees started The Package tour with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men tonight, May 28.
“If New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men had a child, it would be us,” Drew Lachey said to CNN.
Nick Lachey added, “Part R&B [group] and we ended up being part boy band. We were kind of caught in the middle, so it’s almost symbolic that we’re sandwiched between these two groups on this show.”