Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jingle Bell Rock -- DREW Christmas Movie


Sunday, December 8 at 7 PM ET
Jaded rock star Dax (Drew Lachey) is found by New York paparazzi passed out in his car with a frozen holiday turkey in the passenger seat.  In order to repair his tarnished image, Dax publicly agrees to grant a fan’s “Dear Santa” Christmas wish.  To his dismay, his manager Jason (Matt Ward) drops Dax off in Cedar Grove, a Midwest small town, where he’s committed to spend a week and perform in a local holiday Christmas concert.  

At first, Dax is horrified to be stuck in the Reverend Harding (Peter Lacroix) family’s home with strict rules and a curfew.  In spite of himself, he soon becomes charmed by the Reverend’s wife Lynne (Ellie Harvie), teenage son Tim (Evan Bird), and very surprised contest winner and daughter Kelly (MacKenzie Porter), a sassy, unemployed book jacket writer. 

Between the family’s backyard collection of llamas, quirky Christmas traditions and their overall kindness, Dax starts to appreciate what the Hardings have as a family – love, caring and an uplifting holiday spirit.  Olivia Cheng also stars.  The movie features a musical duet by Lachey and Porter, entitled “You.”  Directed by Kristoffer Tabori (UP’s The Carpenter’s Miracle, “Judging Amy”).  Script by Neil and Tippi Dobrovsky (Goodnight For Justice, Operation Cupcake).