Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Nick & Drew Ugly Sweater Throwback


Wearing horrible knitwear for family photographs is a rite of passage for many.
And it certainly was in the Lachey household after 98 Degrees star Nick shared an adorable flashback picture of himself and his little brother Drew on social media on Thursday.
The siblings seemed to be having a great time in their grotesque jumpers, even if his future bandmate looked just a tad more enthusiastic during the toe-curling affair.

Rainbow coalition: Nick Lacey and his brother Drew donned ugly sweaters in an hilarious snap he posted on Instagram on Thursday
Nick, 43, could not resist poking fun at the sickening sweaters, saying on Instagram: '#TBT it's Holiday sweater time! 
'@thedrewlachey & I apparently getting ready for our first ugly sweater party! #reallymom.'

Thankfully Nick and his 40-year-old brother, who won the second season of Dancing With The Stars, continued their love of awful clothing well into their boyband career, where they donned a series of embarrassing outfits during the group's late 90s heydey.
Indeed they have continued to wear ridiculous ensembles to the current day, wearing bulletproof vests and combat trousers during a performance in Virginia back in July.

All grown up: Nick and Drew making a rare appearance rogether in agreeable suits
Suit you sir: He donned a more traditional outfit when he attended the Grammys this year
The fashion odyssey continues: Nick and Drew indulged in their love of ugly ensembles during their late 90s run in 98 Degrees
No doubt Jessica Simpson's former husband is planning to continue the family tradition with his rapidly expanding brood of two children. 
His current wife Vanessa had shared back in September that she was expecting her third child with Nick, who she married in 2011.
They also share four-year-old son Camden and one-year-old daughter Brooklyn. The couple is expecting their third child in Spring 2017.
She joked about their current predicament during a funfair visit last month when she posted on Instagram: 'Thank You @Disneyland for a magical day!!! The "5" of us had a blast! Can't wait to take littlest Lachey next time!'

Flogging a dead horse: Nick and the boys raked in the cash when they performed in their latest awful outfits in Virginia back in July
No wonder he took part: Drew got to indulge in his love of hideous clothing on his way to winning season two of Dancing With The Stars