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Monster Jam Celebrity Event - Nick Lachey & Camden


Monster Jam Celebrity Event
Monster Jam Celebrity Event
Monster Jam Celebrity EventMonster Jam Celebrity EventMonster Jam Celebrity Event

Nick Lachey reveals the books his kids love at bedtime


March 06, 2018

Now that he is a dad, Nick Lachey’s evenings are a little different from his “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)” days. He and wife Vanessa make sure to read to their three children, Camden, 5, Brooklyn, 3, and Phoenix, 1, every night before bed. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I have very vivid memories of my mother reading to us as kids,” shares the 98 Degrees frontman, who was on the latest season of Dancing With the Stars. “If nothing else, before we go to sleep, we always read each one of our kids a book. It’s a very, very special time.”
Classics like Goodnight MoonThe Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site are in constant rotation in the Lachey household, and the latter is a particular favorite of Camden’s. “My son is all into construction vehicles like most boys are, so he’s enthralled with dump trucks and bulldozers,” notes Lachey. “It’s good for bedtime because it gets him into the mentality that everything’s shutting down.”
Lachey says his children are lucky because they have access to books, and he wants to help those less fortunate, which is why he recently partnered with Pizza Hut’s The Literacy Project and the nonprofit First Book to make sure kids in need have access to books and other educational resources. “Studies have shown that kids who aren’t reading proficient by third grade are four times more likely to leave school without a diploma,” says Lachey. “It’s important to get these books into the hands of kids and encourage them to read.” And if it’s every noche, even better.

Fun Boys' Night at 2018 Monster Jam - Nick Lachey


"We came last year and Camden had a blast and with most boys his age, monster trucks are king,” Lachey told E! news. “He's got quite a collection at home so he was excited to have the chance to sit in the trucks."

Nick Lachey, Camden

8 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons on the ‘Boy Band’ Stigma and 20+ Years as a Group (Interview at the NAMM Show 2018)

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The NAMM Show brings together musicians and industry insiders from throughout the musical spectrum. For a weekend in Southern California, the entire music business comes together to celebrate music — and learn about the latest and greatest products from top manufactures. It’s also a great opportunity to catch up with musicians there for the fun. Jeff Timmons of the pop group 98 Degrees happened to be there this year and was kind enough to speak with Rock Cellar for a career-spanning interview — enjoy the candid and honest chat below.
Rock Cellar: We’re here at the NAMM Show, and I understand you come every year. What’s your main interest here, and which booths do you just have to hit up and visit?
Jeff Timmons: I have been coming every year for the past three years. I’m a big studio, behind-the-scenes guy. I’m very blessed to be in front of the scenes, love being on stage … we were very mainstream, considered a “boy band,” but a pop group, and still happy to be around 20 years later. But my real passion is to be in the studio. Producing other artists, producing things for TV, all that.

In terms of must-see booths at NAMM, I’m going to check out Universal Audio, Spectrasonics, all of the VSTI – virtual instruments, since I’m not very prolific on the keys or anything like that or any instrument in general – so any of the technology that makes that easier for me so I can compose things, I’ll be nerding around those booths.
Rock Cellar: So you do a lot of production work when you can, these days?
Jeff Timmons: Yeah, I’ve been doing that for a while. When 98 Degrees got off the road there for a little while, I was doing stuff for other artists, working with other acts, was fortunate enough to do some things for TV, I did all the music for a series on Discovery Science, that was an undertaking that I didn’t expect, but a great experience nonetheless.
Rock Cellar: You mentioned the phrase “boy band,” and I wanted to ask…20 years later, is it weird to be referred to as that?

At the time, we were young guys, we traveled the world, meeting girls everywhere, and be affiliated with a very successful genre. We didn’t have any complaints after the fact.
Rock Cellar: And then two decades later, you see your peers from back then doing these big cruises every year, still playing to large audiences.

Jeff Timmons: Cruises, we’ve been approached about them. We haven’t done one yet but we’re considering it. A few years ago we were considering coming back but didn’t know what the climate was going to be. We didn’t know if our fans were going to be there, and fortunately for us, they are, still coming out in droves supporting us. We’re having more fun than ever, as opposed to the pressures of the business and having to rely on that as our be-all, end-all. So it turned out OK, we’re still doing it and we’re having a blast.
Rock Cellar: So it’s fun to get the crew back together, so to speak?
Jeff Timmons: it’s a nice luxury to have, yeah. It’s not like we have to start all over again, since we’ve been lucky enough to sell upwards of 15 million records by now, those fans are still there.
Rock Cellar: So back in the late ‘90s, I’m sure 98 Degrees got into all sorts of crazy experiences just from the pop music scene or your success in general. What was one of the moments that stands out to you the most in a “oh damn, we’ve made it” level?
Jeff Timmons: I mean, there were so many things it’s hard to count, to be honest. It sounds like an arrogant thing to say but it’s hard to pick just one. We got to do a song with Mariah Carey that went to No. 1, we performed for Michael Jackson and the President, toured the world, the list goes on. But I think some of the ones that really stuck out … the first time you hear your song on the radio. It was here in LA, KISS FM, that blew us away. It just sort of escalates from there. Doing a song with Stevie Wonder on the Tonight Show, all that.
Rock Cellar: Unlike the other boy bands, you guys put yourselves together, as you said earlier. But then, as your career took off, a lot of your big hit songs were credited to other songwriters.
Jeff Timmons: That’s right.
Rock Cellar: So once you formed, got signed and all that, did they basically tell you how things were going to go?
Jeff Timmons: It all happened so fast for us. At the time, none of us had any instruments, we just had our voices. So we all migrated to California, basically toured southern California singing a cappella until we were discovered. We didn’t have any instruments, we didn’t have any money, none of us were prolific on anything, so we just had our voices.
We got signed and immediately, rather than putting us in the studio and telling us to make music, they bombard you with a number of songs and you basically A&R your record rather than writing it. We’d have loved to have been more creative, but we did produce a lot of our stuff. We certainly won’t get credit for that in the liner notes, but we definitely arranged a lot of stuff and contributed to how the music sounded outside of just our voices.
Rock Cellar: You do a lot of charity work and charity events, safe to say that’s something important to you?
Jeff Timmons: I think it’s karma. It should just be in your nature. To be as fortunate as we have – the odds of selling as many records as we have is something like one in 55 million – it’s mind-boggling. And there are a lot of things that go into that, but we were blessed, whatever you want to call it.
I think it’s a natural thing that you should give back, and it doesn’t matter what degree your success is. It’s something that we’re obligated to do, I just think that for us, if we’re in a position to live our dream and have fans out there who enable us to do that, we should give back anytime we can and as much as we can.
I’ve been giving to a number of charities. Look – if it’s a legitimate charity and the money goes to somebody who actually needs it, then I’m all for it.
Rock Cellar: I’m assuming 98 Degrees had some familiarity or kinship with LFO back in the day. Unfortunately, Rich Cronin passed away a few years ago.
Jeff Timmons: The first time around it was such a whirlwind, you’d be on a plane, on the bus, off the bus, in stores, radio stations, TVs, on stage, whatever. That was a rinse and repeat for like five years, so it was really hard to get to know people as people. We’d done a number of shows with LFO but I didn’t get a chance to really know them until Rich and I did the Mission Man Band reality show on vH1. It was a complete disaster, but it was a wonderful experience. He was an amazing guy, brilliant lyricist, he could have been a stand-up comedian. A ton of charisma…it was so sad to lose him.
LFO wasn’t like the other boy bands. Their main thing was rapping, and singing was secondary. So they were a little of a deviation from the norm, so I think them not being very mainstream made them a bit harder to promote at the time.
Rock Cellar: At the NAMM Show, there’s classic rock and older music everywhere. In that mindset, what bands or artists did you grow up listening to and taking a liking to that might surprise people, considering you’re in 98 Degrees?
Jeff Timmons: I grew up in the Midwest, in a small town in northeast Ohio. I didn’t get into pop music until Boyz II Men came out, so I grew up with Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, all that. Classic rock groups definitely inspired us, like Styx, Journey, the Eagles, harmony-based groups like them. We’re all about it. To be in the same place as somebody like that, look: Music transcends boundaries. It blurs the lines when it comes to emotion, so we consider ourselves just lucky to be here
Rock Cellar: The music world has seen some big losses lately, with Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington among the most tragic in the rock realm over the past year or so. The conversation about mental health is always important, but when you see artists like them succumb to their own demons like that, it says something about how difficult the struggle can be. Any thoughts on that?
Jeff Timmons: You’re not immune to life when you’re a famous celebrity or successful musician. Everybody goes through their ups and downs, peaks and valleys. Musicians and creatives, that’s a big part of what makes them so dynamic.
So couple that with taking your art and adding a business aspect to it – it’s not always the most fair business, of course – you can have success and not be able to sustain a family or a lifestyle. All of those things sometimes culminate into depression or lows that you can’t climb out of.
Part of being a celebrity is people think you’re untouchable, they’re afraid to approach you or whatever, and then you become isolated. I think that’s what happens sometimes, you feel isolated and don’t think you have anybody to turn to.
Nobody’s immune to that.

Who Will Win 'Celebrity Big Brother'? 'BB' Alum Jessie Godderz Offers Finale Insight

Scott Fishman

The house continues to vacate as the inaugural season of Celebrity Big Brother approaches its live finale this Sunday.
And watching the drama unfold right up to the final eviction is Jessie Godderz, who you could say is a resident Big Brother expert. That’s because Mr. Pec-Tacular was a houseguest for two seasons of the reality show competition and has made numerous appearances over the years, including a surprise cameo .
The Tainted Dreams star and pro wrestler has enjoyed watching the celebrity version of the show, believing it has all the intrigue, backstabbing and emotional turmoil that you would find on a typical summer season of Big Brother, just in a condensed format. He hopes it becomes an annual tradition. Out of everyone in the house, the 31-year-old believes he would use the same strategy that James Maslow is utilizing to win.
“James knows he's a very strong physical threat, so he's trying to lay low, not make waves, and continue to try to make secret alliances with people who have no enemies in the house, like Mark [McGrath],” Godderz said.
“And then only try to win HOH (Head of Household) and POV (Power of Veto) when he's 100-percent sure his back is against the wall, and he's the target. At this point, with only a few days left to the BB finale, that really is the secret to success. I think James is playing as strong a game as can possibly be played in his position.
"That being said, there is still a four-person alliance in the house that has yet to be broken up (Marissa Jaret Winkour, Brandi Glanville, Ross Mathews, Ariadna Gutiérrez), so anything can happen. Their alliance will be very, very tough to beat. Even tougher, Marissa and Ross are super-fans who know the game incredibly well.”
Godderz believes the key to victory at this point for Maslow is to solidify a three-person alliance with Omarosa Manigault Newman and McGrath. His advice is to band together and start picking off the other side of the house one-by-one.
“The turning point of the season is coming up very quickly though,” he said.
“If they lose the upcoming HOH, they can very easily get outnumbered and start falling like dominoes. Brandi, at this point, is the X factor. She was so close to moving to the other side on Monday night's episode. If she did, the whole game could have changed that night. If she suspects her alliance is going to turn on her again, then that may be enough incentive to team up with her arch-enemy James, and switch alliances! Now that would be a sight to see.”
Before this ultimate game of human chess began, Godderz picked Maslow to make it to the end and take the $250,000 prize. His backups were Keisha Knight Pullman, McGrath and Winkour. However, there was another polarizing figure in the house that has surprised him the most.
“I had no idea Omarosa was such a huge Big Brother fan. She has played an extremely awesome game so far,” he said.
“She's one of my picks to win it all right now. Her and again, James Maslow. James, in fact, reminds me a little bit of myself in BB10. His back is always against the wall, but when he needs to, he comes through with the difficult win. If he makes it to end, he will be very hard to beat. I'm thinking it's going to be James and Omarosa as the final two right now. If they could somehow keep winning HOH and pick off the other side of the house one-by-one.”
Godderz has been impressed by the players, with most (not Metta World Peace) coming prepared.
“There are fewer floaters this season than in any past season of BB that I can recall,” he said.
BB Legend Rachel Reilly would be very proud that, so few houseguests need a life vest this season. It has made for a very, very entertaining dynamic in the house. Each week, the celebrities are truly ready to expect the unexpected, like Julie [Chen] always says. And for most of them, it's working.”
Beyond watching and analyzing Big Brother, Godderz has recently finished filming a music video with Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees for their single "The Girl is with Me," which also features Big Brother: Over the Top winner Morgan Willet.

Here's the 98 Degrees song Nick Lachey thinks best describes parenthood


Nick and Drew Lachey Are Closing Their Sports Bar After 3 Years: 'Onward and Upward'


February 06, 2018 02:11 PM

Pour one out for Lachey’s.
The Cincinnati sports bar founded by 98 Degrees singers Nick Lachey and Drew Lachey is closing its doors after three years. Its final day in business will be Sunday, Feb. 11.
“This week will be our last week of operations,” reads a message on the restaurant’s website. “Party with Nick and Drew at Lachey’s one last time this weekend as a final farewell.”
Both Nick and Drew posted about the closing on their Instagram accounts, each sharing photos taken at the bar.
“Me and my boys enjoying one last hurrah at @lacheysbar,” Nick, 44, wrote on a photo with his sons Camden John, 5, and Phoenix Robert, 1.
“It’s been an incredible 3 years full of lifelong memories,” he continued. “Thank You Cincinnati for helping me realize a dream and the chance to share it with multiple generations of Lacheys and Lachey fans. We will be closing it’s doors after this Saturday night. Let’s make some more amazing memories this weekend and send her out in style!!”